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Introducing The Couture Closet! Charleston Boudoir Studio

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

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Couture Closet REd Bottom Shoes - Charleston Boudoir

Here at LGP we are always looking to grow and expand our offerings for our clients. Last year I began sourcing and purchasing Luxury Props, Lingerie, Shoes and Accessories to fill out a custom closet we installed in the glam room. We call this the Couture Closet. It includes: shoes, lingerie, coverups, jewelry our Angel Wings, and Goddess Gowns. Basically anything you could want if you don't have either the time or inclination to shopping. OR maybe your orders just didn't arrive in time. We all know how shipping items can be sometimes.

Our ever growing and changing collection of lingerie and coverups in sixes XXS to 4X is prominent in the Closet

Along with our lingerie collection we have tons of beautiful shoes, including those with red bottoms and sparkly ones in size 5- 10

Red Bottom Shoes Charleston Boudoir
Red Bottom Shoes Boudoir

SHoes Charleston Boudoir
Couture Closet

Looking for a little sparkle to add to your session but don't have a ton of jewelry? That is NOT a problem here. We have several dozen statement necklaces, body jewelry, bracelets, rings, and even crowns to choose from. I promise we have SOMETHING to help take your Boudoir outfit to the next level.

Jewelry Couture Closet, Charleston Bouoir
Jewelry Couture Closet

JEwlery Couture Closet Charleston Boudoir
Jewlery Couture Closet