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Boudoir Photography Business Mentoring

Private Mentor Sessions

I LOVE to mentor!! So many people have helped me along my journey to being a Boudoir Photographer and I'm just thrilled to be able to continue spreading the knowledge and love! I do require your full commitment before we start on your transformation process though. I will always be honest with you and tell you the sometimes difficult things to hear. Listen, I get it. Your business is your baby, as it should be. If you were transporting your newborn incorrectly in their car seat you'd want to be told the safe way to do it, to keep them safe. I'll do the same thing with your boudoir photography business.


Before starting on this journey, there are a few rules.

  • I do not mentor any photographers located within 300 miles of Summerville, SC.

  • I require a NDA from all students. My methods are not to be shared with your friends. If someone compliments you on your growth you're free to give them my name as a referral. I do reward referrals with free mentoring and education.


There are a few different options for your Mentor Session.
Topics include:

  • Pricing (includes review of your current prices)

  • Marketing

  • Posing (includes review of a current gallery)

Full-Day Mentor Session at LGP in Summerville, SC
Up to 8 hours of instruction
Model included if desired
Two follow-up Skype calls

Half-Day Mentor Session on Skype or In Person
Up to three hours of instruction
One 30-minute follow-up Skype call

One-Hour Mentor Session on Skype covering 1 of the above topics



For information please email at

*I also offer occasional in person workshops. If you'd like information on these, please let me know.

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