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Miss S's story is one not too uncommon. Having always struggled with self esteem and body image issues, she was really having a hard time seeing herself as the beautiful confident woman that was inside. A lot of women in their 50s have expressed the same issues. Internally, they feel amazing, confident, and sexy but when they look in the mirror there is a disconnect. Part of what a Boudoir Session with us does, is help to bridge that gap between the internal and external images. Check out Miss S's story below and give her some love.

boudoir-charleston-summerville-goose creek- moncks corner- orangeburg-south carolina
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  • Name Sheri

  • How old were you are your session? 57

  • What made you decide to book a session? I have always struggled with self confidence and body image. Being an artist I believe there is beauty in everything and every living soul but being self-critical by society's standards can cloud what you see in yourself. After having 3 kids and complicated pregnancies at a young age, I felt that my body lost its youthful appearance early in my life and I always felt odd shaped. When I turned 50 I had been working hard on losing weight and getting in shape and I decided to have some cosmetic work done on my body. I felt more confident in some aspects but still could not see my body in the light that I wanted. Not really having any female role models in my younger life to teach me to have confidence in my body and self image I've had to learn and teach myself to see these things for myself and the struggle has been real. After seeing all the beautiful ladies and their radiant confidence displayed in Lisa's images, I decided I wanted to book a session to be able to experience this same euphoria in my journey and to be able to see my beauty through another artistic perspective and to embrace all that is physically beautiful in me even at this stage in my life and all my flaws.

  • What was originally holding you back from booking a session? I would have to say that body image and self confidence has been the main culprits that were holding me back from booking a session.

  • What were you most nervous about for your session? Being a naturally nervous person especially with stage fright, I think I was mostly nervous about the posing part and trying to look natural and sexy, and also about how my images would turn out.

  • What were you most looking forward to prior to your session? Before booking my session I had asked my sister to join me in this experience so that we could have a day together being pampered and to be able to embrace this time in our life being in our fifties as some of our most beautiful and confident years. So I was definitely looking forward to spending this time with her and doing something for ourselves that would be fun and help to empower us both in our self confidence.

  • How did you feel about yourself before your session? As I said before, I've struggled with self confidence most of my life but I can say at this point in my life I feel that I'm more confident now than I have been so I knew I was ready to do this.

  • Describe your experience. My experience with Lisa was so fun. Although I was very nervous at first she and her associates had a way of helping me to loosen up. I felt a little tense from being nervous but that quickly dissipated once I started engaging with them in the experience. Everyone was so fun and cool and we had a great time laughing, joking around, and talking. It was a wonderful and empowering experience to say the least and I felt like I was among friends at a girl party.

  • How did you feel about yourself after your session? I definitely feel more confident and I am glad that I went out of my comfort zone to be able to enjoy this experience. I may even do it again in the future and feel I would be even more confident the next time.

  • Were you nervous before viewing your images? I was very nervous about how the images would turn out, but let me tell you once I started seeing them I had tears of joy. They were simply amazing!

  • How did you feel about yourself after seeing your images? Wow! That sums it up in one word.

  • What were your favorite products? All the products are really nice but I really like the ice block and the choices of album covers.

  • What would you tell anyone interested in, but maybe hesitant, booking a session of their own? I would tell them to not let anything hold them back. You are beautiful. You are smoking hot. Let Lisa bring to light all that you can't see and your eyes will truly be opened. Get out of your comfort zone and take that chance for you because you deserve it girl!

  • How as working with Lisa and the makeup artists? Everyone was truly amazing. I felt pampered like a queen amongst these wonderful ladies. They allowed me to feel comfortable throughout each part of the process.

  • Will you be doing another session? Yes, I would love to do another session in the future

  • Anything else you'd like to add? I had such a great time doing this and I'm so happy that I decided to invest in the experience!

Ready to embrace your inner Goddess? Let's chat about your Dream Boudoir Session. It can be as sultry or implied as you wish. Your session is all about YOU at LGP. Fill out the contact form below for more information.

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