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boudoir-charleston-summerville-goose creek- moncks corner- orangeburg-south carolina
Pink angle wings black lace bodysuit

Miss S came to the studio as part of a Boudie Call to feature our MidSummer's Dream Garden Set. To say she killed it, is a massive understatement. I'll you be the judge. Check out her story and images below.

boudoir-charleston-summerville-goose creek- moncks corner- orangeburg-south carolina
Pink angel wings black lace bodysuit
  • Name Stephanie

  • How old were you are your session? 41

  • What made you decide to book a session? I really loved the look of the fairy tale background and so I applied for the model call.

  • What was originally holding you back from booking a session? Finding the free time, and I guess waiting for something to pop up that I felt I NEEDED to do.

  • What were you most nervous about for your session? I never did well with being posed. It always looked so forced. My facial expressions always looked like a child being told to smile for the camera. But Lisa and Tiara made it so much fun, I really didn't have to concentrate on facial expressions except to stop laughing so hard.

  • What were you most looking forward to prior to your session? Getting all glammed up. I never bother doing hair or makeup anymore since all I do is go to work or school and I'd rather sleep in than contour (not that I have any idea how to do that at all).

  • How did you feel about yourself before your session? Tired, worn out, over extended

  • Describe your experience. It was a good time from the moment I walked in the door. Lisa and Tiara listened worked their magic as I wasn't very picky about how I looked or what I wore. Although the hot pink wings and red Hollywood movie star robe was definitely a must! I had no idea what I was doing, I have no idea how to be sexy, but they made it seem effortless! Trust the process, because some of the poses that I thought would look ridiculous ended up being my favorites! I was laughing the entire session and it goes by so fast that you can't believe it's over already.

  • How did you feel about yourself after your session? Rejuvenated, energetic, I had such a good time and wasn't stressing about anything and it carried through the whole rest of the day.

  • Were you nervous before viewing your images? Not really, I've done similar shoots before and knew sort of what to expect. Choosing the images was the hardest part.

  • How did you feel about yourself after seeing your images? Young, confident, my boob really don't sag as much as I think they do, glamorous

  • What were your favorite products? I love the ice blocks. And the option for digital images. I have them on my phone so I can remind myself I do still bend that way when everything starts popping and creaking

  • What would you tell anyone interested in, but maybe hesitant, booking a session of their own? Just do it. You'd be amazed about how good you feel about yourself after, even before you've seen the pictures. It's just freeing.self in these pictures it is amazing how much more confident I feel in my own skin.

  • How was working with Lisa and the makeup artist? Oh, it was so much fun! I felt like I've known them for years

  • Will you be doing another session? Most definitely, just waiting for a break.

Ready to embrace your inner Goddess? Let's chat about your Dream Boudoir Session. It can be as sultry or implied as you wish. Your session is all about YOU at LGP. Fill out the contact form below for more information.

Lisa Gallant Photography offers Luxury Boudoir Portraits to women and couples of the following areas in South Carolina and Georgia: Summerville, Ladson, James Island, Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Myrtle Beach, Orangeburg, Ridgeville, Columbia, Lexington, Beaufort, Hilton Head, Savannah, Atlanta, Augusta, Greenville, Florence, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, Georgetown, Murrels Inlet, Sumter, Aiken, Anderson.

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