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5 Ways to Rock Your Confidence at Your Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

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Have you heard that saying "every body is a bikini body"? It's super popular right now in our body positive world. Well, in my experience, it also applies to lingerie. The majority of my clients come to me super nervous. I mean it IS a photo shoot after all, in LINGERIE! Being nervous, or anxious, is perfectly normal. I'm here to tell you that a little bit of confidence can go a long way to rocking your session.

As women, we are almost always our own worst critics. I hear a lot of women say, the need to "lose 10 pounds" or "firm up"... I'm telling I've heard plenty of excuses. There are also plenty of reasons why you should schedule a shoot, see my post here for more info on that. If you can shift your critical mindset for a a bit though, it can switch you into FULL GODDESS MODE. Sure, going from self-unconscious to self-confident may sound like a stretch, but there are actually a few things you can do during your boudoir shoot to own your session and calm your nerves. Your confidence will keep building and by the time we're finished for the day, you will be ready to take on the world!

boudoir-charleston-summerville-goose creek- moncks corner- orangeburg-south carolina

Here are 5 ways that you can calm your nerves, boost your confidence, and rock the hell out of your boudoir session at Lisa Gallant Photography.

1) Hold on to your "why": Why did you first schedule your session? Was it to build intimacy with a your partner? To celebrate your body after a major change (baby, weight loss, or leaving a toxic relationship)? To feel beautiful and powerful? I want to fulfill your "why" as much as you do. So if you feel that self-doubt creeping in, remind yourself of your why.

2) Be Honest: If you're nervous, just say so. Remember I do this for a living and have worked with plenty of women who felt just like you. In the end those women, still left feeling empowered, sexy, and with the best damn photos they've ever had. Sometimes if we just talk about our fears it can make them disappear.

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3) Realize that no one expects you to be an experienced model: Looking at a model's boudoir images online can be great for inspiration, but it's also an easy way to get nervous about the expectations on your own abilities. You don't want to psyche yourself out just before your big day. That's one reason that all of the images you will see on my website are REAL CLIENTS, just like you. I am with you ever step of the way to guide you to get the best images. Doon't worry about knowing how to pose.

4) Be present over perfect: Worrying about getting perfect photos is actually the surest way to stress yourself out during a shoot. You want to relax so that your facial expressions are natural. So many of us struggle with trying to be perfect, but your are at your sexiest when you are relaxed and not worrying about "being sexy". The more you can be present in the moment, the more confident and natural you'll feel, which will show in your images.

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5) Don't push it: You may want to walk into your shoot with all the confidence in the world, but you don't absolutely need to. Once we start working together you will start feeling more and more confident and comfortable with me. Most women book their shoots because they WANT to feel more confident, not because they already do. Just trust me to do my job and you will have the best session possible.

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