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Tips For Preparing For Your Dream Boudoir Session ~ Summerville ~Charleston ~ Boudoir

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Already scheduled your shoot? We can’t wait to share this experience with you! We’re here give you a couple of tips to help you prepare for your big day.

• Start ordering/buying your wardrobe at least 3 months before your shoot. If you wait until the last minute, you will be stressed out. Lingerie shopping is like buying jeans, you sometimes have to try on MANY pairs until you find ones that fit perfectly. Make sure to refer back to your client emails for the Lingerie Guide and the list of recommended online lingerie stores.

• Bring a variety of heels, skin tone, black, and a fun color (think red, pink, or blue). TALL HEELS, GIRLS. TALL HEELS. The longer the heel, the longer your legs. The higher/skinnier the heels the better. Avoid ankle straps on your heels. You will see the bottom of your heels in some pictures, so if they are old/worn, you will be able to tell. Avoid flower patterns/patterns in general. We don't want the focus to be your feet, we want the focus to be your legs.

• Bring accessories (sports jerseys, your significant other’s work shirt or work hat, a silk robe, jewelry). Sometimes props just won't translate in pictures. If that is the case with your prop, I’ll let you know.

• Get organized the night before- Take the time to pack your bag for the day so that you don’t have to worry about it when you wake up.Hang up your clothing if you can to reduce wrinkles.

• Do all of your grooming a day prior to your shoot. Especially if waxing. You don't want to be red.

• Have a relaxing night- Start your self-care early, and run a bath, play your favorite tunes, and light some candles.

• Please arrive with a clean face and DRY hair that was washed the day before. Don’t wash your hair the morning of the shoot. It will hold styling better when not freshly washed.

• Get plenty of sleep- Try to get to bed early so that you wake up feeling your best!

• Have a good breakfast- Modeling is hard work! You’ll be posing all day, so make sure you’re well nourished before you come into the studio.

• Most importantly! RELAX! I will tell you everything to do! How to pose, where to look, where to put your hands and feet, even how to stand. All you have to do is arrive!

We hope that you found this post informational AND inspiring. It is so important to be prepared for your boudoir session. Make sure you join our women's group on FB for more information and tips for your own session.

Make your life as beautiful as you are!



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