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Investing In A Session

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

You're here! We are so excited to welcome you to the world of LGP Boudoir. We can't wait to make you feel like the badass queen that you are!

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First things first, you aren't just getting some lame-o photo session. You are getting an entire experience! We will spend the day together and we are here to remind you just how beautiful you are inside and out!We want to shower you with praise until you just can't sticky sugar sweetness of it all anymore. We will start out by going through your items, carefully chosen with our assistance, to find the best ensembles to make you look like the ROCK STAR that you are. Then you will move on to the Hair and Makeup chair with one of our fabulously talented artists. THEN, and only THEN, we will move on to your photo shoot. You have up to 2 hours of shoot time with Lisa in one of gorgeous studio locations. Seriously you are going to have the best time ever!

Now you're probably thinking, that sounds great and all but I came here to learn about the investment. Not cost, investment. You are investing in yourself and how you feel about yourself when you leave us.

boudoir-charleston-summerville-goose creek- moncks corner- orangeburg-south carolina

Products in our studio start at $695. We do offer in-house payment plans, for up to 6 months, and you can even start paying for product before your session so that you get it that much sooner. You can also apply for financing through paypal credit. Just ask us for details on how to proceed if that is your choice. Your viewing and ordering appointment is roughly 2 weeks after your photo session at our Texas location. For those in the Charleston area, you will be able to see yours much sooner, within a few days of your session. One thing to note, is that you do not receive any products until your account is paid in full.

Now that you know our policies, here some tips and tricks for how to save up to have your own epic photo session with us.

  • Create a separate account specifically for your boudoir session.

Some people call it "fun money". Whatever you choose to call yours, setting aside your extra money without really thinking about it will allow you to save quickly. Most banks have free online banking now. Just set it to automatically transfer an amount (say $20) each pay period. It adds up very quickly!

  • Create a change jar or shoe box.

It seems silly, but it's so easy. Add your changes and cash to it. *Bonus--I offer a small discount for cash payments.

  • Create a budget.

Take some time to figure out your income and expenses. Cut down on the extras, like eating out, vudu rentals, a few fancy coffees a month, and music services. Funnel all that extra dough into your Boudoir savings. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to make your dream shoot a reality.

  • Use the 24 hour rule.

This rule helps with impulse shopping. When shopping online, add items to your cart but wait for 24 hours before "checking out". Come back the next day and more than likely you'll decide you don't really need that cute lamp.

  • Treat yourself, but use it as an opportunity to save.

For example, if you splurge at Starbucks while out, put the same amount into your boudoir account. $4 to coffee siren. $4 to your boudoir savings. If you can't afford both, then practice the 24 hour rule. Do you REALLY need that coffee after all?

I hope that you found this post informational AND inspiring. There are tons of ways to save for your Dream Boudoir Session without making any real drastic life style changes. And once you're finished with your shoot, you can decide to add back any services or splurges or maybe you want to save for something else; an epic spa day or a vacation with your family or girlfriends.

Make your life as beautiful as you are.



boudoir-charleston-summerville-goose creek- moncks corner- orangeburg-south carolina

boudoir-charleston-summerville-goose creek- moncks corner- orangeburg-south carolina

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