Our Fab Friday Boudoir Session Feature this week is the gorgeous, Miss E. Like so many women, Miss E was struggling with having the confidence that so many loved ones told her she was worthy of.

How old were you at your session?


What made you decide to book a session?

I needed to find confidence withing myself again.

What was originally holding you back from booking a session?

Money and nerves!

What were you most nervous about for your session?

Not knowing what to do and not being prepared.

What were you most looking forward to prior to the session?

The whole experience

How did you feel about yourself before your session?

I felt excited but nervous.

Describe your experience.

Amazing! It was so much fun and I felt beautiful. Lisa made me feel so relaxed and help me all the way through I forgot I was nervous. 

How did you feel about yourself after your session?

I felt really good and beautiful!

Were you nervous before viewing your images?

No, it was a difficult day for me dealing with the loss of my grandma, that I went to see my images to give me something positive. It was a good distraction and helped a lot in a time of need.

How did you feel about yourself after seeing your images?

I felt good about myself because I didn’t think I would be able to pull it off. 

What were your favorite products?

I think I'm really going to enjoy my book of all my photos.

What would you tell anyone interested in, but maybe hesitant, booking a session of their own?

Just do it because it’s so worth it! Don’t hesitate and just book it when you can because it’s an experience you want to have. If your nervous well everyone is but Lisa will fix that real quick. It’s an all around fun and thrilling experience!

How as working with Lisa and the makeup artists?A + I really enjoyed them both

Will you be doing another session?I hope to in the future because I know thing will be changed and I’ll want picture in this room or with that prop haha

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you for everything! You are helping so many woman! You truly stand by why you say you do what you do and it shows.

Everyone is worthy of the love we so freely give to others. If you're like Miss E, and struggling with your self confidence, just know that you are not alone. If you'd like to experience an empowering photo shoot for yourself, give me a shout. Let me show you the rock star you are inside!

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