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Financing Options

PayPal Credit

This Payment Plan is through PayPal. Paypal is similar to a credit card with revolving credit. 

Your products are paid in full at either your pre-session consultation or your reveal and ordering appointment with this option. You then make payments through Paypal on your products. Paypal does offer 6 months interest free if you pay the balance off in full. This means you will receive your products within 8 weeks after the day of your reveal.

Apply here to see if you are approved for Paypal Credit:




Affirm Financing

Ever used Affirm financing before? If not, it's easy and only takes a moment to apply. Like PayPal Credit, it is a line of credit you can use towards products that pays us in full, and then payments are made to Affirm over the next 6-36 months (depending on your loan preferences).
This Payment Plan must be applied through our online store.  Just Check your approval odds through the link below. 
Apply here to see if you are approved for Affirm Financing:





In-House Payment Plan

This Payment Plan is through Lisa Gallant Photography. Consider this an investment in yourself.

With this payment option, your products are paid in full after your FINAL payment. You decide how many months you would like to pay on your products (up to 12 months) and how often (weekly, biweekly or monthly).  There is a small administration fee for our in-house payment plans, but no interest.

The best part? You don't have to apply for it.  Just let us know during your booking process that you would like to discuss this option. We will be happy to go over everything during your pre-session consultation. 


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