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Frequently asked questions about Boudoir Sessions

By now you've learned quite a bit about our Boudoir Portrait Sessions. But I'm sure you still have questions. Trust me we get A LOT of questions. That's what I'm here for lady! To help you guide you through the entire process. I want this to be an experience for you like no other you have ever had.  So, here's my top 7 FAQ for Boudoir:

  1. What about the clothing?  We do have an impressive Client Couture Closet at out Summerville, SC studio. Most of our sessions include access to this closet. However, I do still recommend that you bring a few things of your own to REALLY personalize your session. But don't worry we'll go over everything during your consultations. I also provide a lingerie guide to help you when you are choosing your pieces.

  2. Is this private?  ABSOLUTELY! All Boudoir sessions happen in my studio in Summerville. If you choose to bring a friend for moral support, that is perfectly fine. I do ask that partners stay at home during the session. I've even had friends schedule their sessions together. Typically this is with your best friend or sister. How we do this is one will be photographed while the other is having hair and makeup done.

  3. Do you show our images anywhere? No, not without a signed model release. All of the images you see me share online are of women who have modeled specifically for marketing material for myself, or they have chosen to share some of their favorite images from their personal session. You are not required to sign a model release. In fact, most of my Boudoir work is never shown publicly due to the private nature and the privacy of my clients. I work with people from all walks of life even teachers, law enforcement, doctors, and attorneys. You can see why Women (and Men) in those professions would not want their images to be publicly viewable.

  4. Who does the Hair and Makeup?  I work with some of THE BEST beauty professionals in the area. All of them have been trained to apply the makeup in a way that will flatter you specifically on camera.  This is different than your "going out" makeup application. Whom I schedule for your appointment will vary, depending on if there is a specific style you want , and the availability of each stylist. 

  5. When do we get to see our photos?  All sessions include same day viewing of your images. At that time we will go over any editing requests and you will get to choose your favorites.

  6. So, what happens at the Reveal and Ordering Appointment?  You will see all of the retouched images in a slideshow on the large television. We will discuss how you would like to preserve the images and how you want to present them, if they are a gift. Albums are the most popular item for Boudoir. However you may also choose to print one or two of your favorites for your master bedroom or bathroom. Do not worry. I will walk you through the entire process. I'll help you choose your favorites and which items would be the best way to preserve them. 

  7. And the finished product...?  If you have ordered prints or albums, you will receive your finished images within 6-8 weeks of completed payment.  And you will give your significant other my name and address for the thank you gift. I like sweet white wines, and chocolate. lol

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