What is the "Body Love Project"?

Hey there beautiful human!

If you've been following LGP for a bit, you've probably seen some of our posts on social media about a "Body Love Project". We get questions from time to time asking for more information about what this project actually is.

BL came about during some conversations with a few other boudoir photographers from across the country. We were discussing how difficult it can be sometimes to show women that Boudoir Sessions are for EVERYONE, not just super models. So, we came up with the idea to offer a few discounted sessions to people who were seeking to love their bodies, perhaps again or perhaps for the first time. The goal is to help women of various backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to love their bodies, and therefore show others that they could do the same.

In the end, we, at Lisa Gallant Photography, photographed some amazing women, phoenixes really, who have been through the fire and come out the other side. Stay tuned as we share their stories over the next few months. Our hope is that you feel inspired to schedule your own empowering portrait session.

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