Senior Model Program- Class of 2020

So, you wanna be on the ModSquad?

If you are a High School Junior, graduating in 2020, and live within 60 miles of Marshall Texas; you COULD be a ModSquad member! You have to be active and outgoing, and of course your parents have to be on board too.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t really one. This is a chance for you to get an amazing Senior Portrait Experience, including group shoots and free sessions, at absolutely no extra charge to you. You are only charged for your individual Senior Session. You only need to "follow me" on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, and suggest your friends and family do the same. Models will participate in a group photo session in the spring of 2019 for all promotional photos. Show your senior & promotional photos around to all your friends. Then, if someone sees and likes your photos, give them your rep card or share your mobile album with them. Easy enough? You are NOT expected to discuss pricing or packages with them. Just hand them your card and tell them how awesome I am. :-)

How do you pick Senior Models?

There are a lot of different factors. It mostly depends on what segment of students I am trying to appeal to for the year. There isn’t anything scientific about the process at all. I do look for students who are outgoing, active both in school and in the community, with good grades, and all around positive personality. Please don’t be disappointed if you’re not picked. It’s nothing personal – you're still loved. :) I wish I could take everyone, believe me!

Now what?

Go ahead and fill out this link for more information. I'll email you the full breakdown of the program, as well as the application. Make sure you get your application in by January 20th to be considered.

Good luck!

P.S. To get an idea of the types of images you can expect to receive from your group photo shoots, take a look at these below. This is the current, class of 2019 Mod Squad. We've had 3 group photoshoots so far, with more to come, plus they each had their own personal session with Lisa Gallant Photography, planned around their interests.