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I'd love for you to be one of them!

You are invited to a unique and luxurious, elegant, and classy boudoir photoshoot experience taking place at our Summerville, South Carolina private studio.

You will be featured in our upcoming magazine with other fabulous women over the age of 40, and their stories as well as a magazine release party!


Love Notes



All I ever saw myself as was a mom,grandma, wife and employee. BUT LISA changed all of that ! I could not believe my eyes !


Live your life! Mentally it was a hurdle, could I really do this? I’m telling you those pictures gave me the boost I needed to pick up the pieces and move forward!!!

After this shoot I felt so empowered and I vowed to stop putting off my goals and dreams. And because of that I just finished writing my first book and will be sending it off to be edited at the end of the week. Yay ME!!


Why "40+ and Fabulous", Why Me, & Why Now?

I'm Lisa, and I'm the one who takes the stress out of having photos taken. I have spent years honing my craft. So, I know how to make you not only feel comfortable but also look amazing from any angle in ANY wardrobe. I promise that your time with me will be easy, fun and an experience that you will never forget. Plus you'll get to take home the most beautiful photos that you have ever seen of yourself! I mean, who wouldn't want to do that!?


With this "40+ and Fabulous"  project, I want to start a conversation about the beauty of women and aging. I want us all to FINALLY get comfortable in our own skin.

Join me on this journey. Let's travel towards more freedom, more self-acceptance, more self-love, and more healing.  Let's do this together.

This is more than a simple photoshoot. This is an EVENT. This is women coming together with other women who just get it. Women who understand  what you've been through, what's you've sacrificed. Women who have felt lost, invisible and unheard. Women who have triumphed through adversity and want to connect with each other and celebrate one another.


Owner, Artist, and Lead Photographer



I am offering the "40+ and Fabulous" booking fee for just $199 plus tax (Normally $499)


  • This fee secures your spot on the calendar and the full day experience at our private Summerville, SC studio with an on-site professional hair and make-up transformation!

  • An in-person (or via zoom if necessary) planning session and consultation where you will have the chance to view our studio and wardrobe. We will go over outfits and ideas with you. You do NOT have to wear JUST lingerie. You can wear swearers, cardigans, dresses, robes, and so much more! Boudoir is not just lingerie. It's about rediscovering yourself and your confidence in whatever wardrobe you love

  • Expert Posing and facial expression guidance for EVERY body.

  • Professional retouching of all images that you select for your album and wall art.

  • With your permission, your selected photos will be featured in the special magazine of the 40+ Women and their Stories. You will also be interviewed after your session. This may include video interviews. You will be celebrated and shared on my website and social mediate. You can also decline being featured and instead choose to be anonymous as well.

Products and images are sold separately. Sessions must be booked for June - September 2023.  Magazine release party date will be announced at a later datePlease read more below.

Further pricing for images, albums, wall art and other products will be given on your booking call with my team. Boudoir photography is so vulnerable. So we will always want to get on the phone and truly connect with you and get to know your story, your WHY. Every client has different product desires, from albums to wall-art. Many clients take advantage of our flexible payment plans! Most women choose one of our luxurious albums. They usually love 20, 30, 40, 50 even 70 images (We do not offer single images, only collections of 10, 20 and more), Our hand made, custom designed albums come in luxurious fabric covers. We also offer wall art, ice blocks, and more! I know that you are probably questioning yourself in your mind right now. But there are so many versions of you! I would love to show them all to you! What you buy is totally up to you. You don't have to choose until you see your images! You will see just how beautiful and confident you truly are after going so far out of your comfort zone!

We will create artwork that moves your soul and that you will want to see everyday to inspire your confidence further every morning. I will help you envision and pick a place in your home to hang a wall portrait and inspire your confidence daily (I promise there will be images that are more covered which you will be excited to display in your bedroom, master bathroom, walk in closet and more!)


Make sure to schedule your call on the following page after filling out your form

Fill out the form below and let's have a quick chat about including you in the "40+ and Fabulous" Boudoir Experience

40+ Form


All women over 40 are invited. This Ultimate Healing Boudoir Experience is an exciting, pampering, indulgent adventure into self-love and custom designed to be focused on YOU!

Think about how you want to remember this time in your life. Our passion is to take the everyday woman and give her an unforgettable celebrity style photo shoot experience. It's about so much more than just "taking pretty pictures" My hope is for you to truly reconnect with yourself and see your beauty, spirit and body the way that those who love you already see you.



Wardrobe Closet & Prep

You'll receive a detailed prep guide which includes lingerie info, shopping links and more during your private in-person consultation.

Professional Retouching

We will bring out your best assets with professional, detailed retouching all while making sure you still look like YOU.

Professional Hair and Makeup Styling

Our Professional Hair and Makeup Artist will give you the makeover of your dreams! You will look and FEEL like a celebrity.

Luxury Products

You'll choose from a wide selection of luxury products including our custom designed, hand bound albums covered in your favorite fabrics, and gorgeous wall art for your home.

Expertly Guided Photoshoot in our Private Studio

Our private studio has multiple sets to use including a bedroom set, a glamorous velvet sofa, shower scene, clawfoot tub and more!

Full Day Experience

We do not rush through your boudoir session! Lisa will coach you through every pose, every expression. We will laugh. We may cry. We will definitely have a fantastic time together. At the end of the day, you'll take a short lunch break and then view your images to choose your favorites.



There has never been a better time in history to be a woman over 40!

  • Let's celebrate the fact that your beauty does NOT diminish with age.

  • Your story is unique. Help us tell what it means to be over 40 today from your point of view.

  • Celebrate your beauty, as you are! Let's appreciate every line, every scar, every stretch mark, and even every gray hair.

We are going to tear down those societal walls.


We are going to change the way that women over 40 are viewed (or ignored).

We are going to show the world how amazing a woman over 40 can be, and is!


This is YOUR time.

This is your chance to be SEEN and HEARD!


Schedule a call after filling out the form above and let's have a quick chat about including you in our "40+ and Fabulous" Boudoir Portrait Experience
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