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My name is Lisa Gallant and I am a Northeast Texas Portrait Photographer based in Marshall, Texas. Finding the right Portrait Photographer can be a challenge. My goal is to make your session enjoyable and memorable. The areas I specialize in are: High School Seniors, Bridals, Families, Newly Engaged Couples, boutique Weddings, and Boudoir Portraits. I am most known for my artistic flare which I bring into both capturing the images and during the post production process. If you choose me as your photographer,I promise to create an amazing portrait that you will be thrilled to share with your friends, family, clients or colleagues. I strive to give all of my clients a unique experience. I believe that every woman should feel like a supermodel in front of the camera, and every man should feel like an Olympic champion. Capturing the magic of each child's individual spirit is truly a joy and honor. Being a mother myself I appreciate each child's uniqueness.

Even though I am based in Marshall, Texas, I do serve the greater ArklaTex area. This area includes: Marshall, Longview, Tyler, Hallsville, Harleton, Gilmer, Jefferson, Karnack, Waskom, Shreveport, Carthage, Tatum, Elysian Fields, Linden, Texarkana, Atlanta, Pittsburg, Center, and Henderson.

So, if you're looking for a portrait photographer in Northeast Texas area, and you'd like to book me, please contact me for more information. I'd love to create some magic with you.